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Are you looking at a new home or vacation property?
Our home inspection expert is here to help with a comprehensive list of inspection services.

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Buyer’s Home Inspection

A new home is one of the biggest, most important purchases of your entire life. Before you finalize everything, be sure to turn to Conway Inspections to ensure the house is in good shape. We inspect the following areas when visible and safely accessible and send you an inspection report within 24 hours:

Structural Systems:
Foundation, roof, walls, ceiling, floors, doors, windows, stairways, fireplaces, chimneys, porch, balcony, deck

Electrical Components:
Service entrance and panel, branch circuit, connected devices, fixtures

Heating and cooling equipment, duct system

Water supply system and fixtures, drains, waste, vents, water heating equipment, hydro-massage equipment

Dishwasher, garbage disposal, range, stove, microwave, garage door operator, vent exhaust

Optional Add-Ons:
Irrigation, pools, spa, private water wells, private sewage system

New Construction Inspection

Having a new home constructed can be very exciting. However, being brand new doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. This home inspection service looks closely at the structural systems, electrical components, HVAC, plumbing, and appliances. We will report any issues so you can get them fixed before moving day.

Pre-Listing/Seller’s Home Inspection

Home inspectors always find something when they inspect a property. Wouldn’t you rather learn about any problems and correct them before buyers and agents get involved? Negotiate a better deal by putting the home on the market in its best possible condition.


Once the work crews leave the area, it’s a good idea to get the home re-inspected before moving in. Your home inspector will review everything that was noted on the original inspection to verify that the necessary repairs have been fully completed.

Water Testing

Your water quality is an important aspect of your new home. After all, if the water is contaminated with a harmful pathogen or lead, this could cause serious issues for your family. Testing the water now gives you the opportunity to have your water system repaired or even replaced, if needed.

Commercial Buildings & Property Inspections

Conway Inspections is pleased to inspect select commercial buildings/properties. Please contact us to learn more about this inspection service.

Additional Services

These extra home inspection services are also available and can save you a lot of headaches in the long-run.

Pool and Spa Inspection Services

Pool and Spa Inspections

We will inspect these leisure time favorites to make sure they’re in proper working condition.

Red Barns on Farm

Exterior Structures

Barns, shops, standalone garages, and more will be inspected.

Lakeside Property

Lakeside Property

Get the docks, boat ramps, and other exterior structures associated with your new lakeside property professionally inspected along with the primary structure.


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